LA’s more than just West Hollywood: Guide to Finding Out More about the City You’re In

February 22, 2019
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Getting to know a city is hard. I know this for a fact when I moved across the country to come to school here. I’ve got to know my hometown easily; I can navigate my way through New York City; and, New Orleans is a breeze (literally). Los Angeles, however, is a completely different story. For starters, the city is huge (if you haven’t noticed already). When I first got here, I was completely overwhelmed, which I imagine is everyone’s experience when they first get here. But, how do you get to know a city so massive?

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First, you take a left on Santa Monica Blvd, then get on the 10, then...

Some people stalk Yelp to explore via coffee shops; some people go the Tinder route and try and find a local that will show them around (it works….sometimes). What I love to do, though, is drive around aimlessly, listening to music and observing my surroundings. Cliche? Most definitely. But, who cares? If you want to bond with a  local, Angelenos LOVE to talk about driving. And, if you like music as much as I do, you’ll know that it can easily enhance whatever you’re doing. And, let’s be honest, what creative doesn’t like music? 


(We’ve even made a playlist to get ya started! Check it out 😊)

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Extra, Extra - Read All About it!

If you’re not into that or don’t drive in Los Angeles (very understandable), no need to worry. Walk around your stomping grounds and pick up a copy of your neighborhoods’ newspaper (LA Downtowner, Downtown Weekly LA) or hit up your local blog (The Eastsider LA, Downtown LA) and read all about the places Angelenos are frequenting at the moment. Journalists usually know what’s up on the best places to go in town (I’m a journalism major myself but totally not bias), so they’re pretty reliable sources ;). Besides that, however, they typically have lived in LA for a good bit, so they know a thing or two about the city.

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A little shameless self-promotion never hurts  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Not into reading? Well, why not connect with people who get you - people who’ve been where you are? If so, there’s no better place to do that then on C2C! If you’re trying to figure out a city like Los Angeles, then there’s a guarantee you can find someone on here who definitely knows what you’re feeling. Connect with a creative on the site, make plans to grab a coffee with this fellow newcomer and talk away while sipping on your eight dollar charcoal oat milk latte.

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I hope this gives you some guidance in figuring out the great and overwhelming city that LA is! Sometimes it’s better to do this “new city thing” together.


By Olivia DeWitt

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