9 Tips to Build Your Brand on Instagram

March 29, 2019
Ben Kolde/Unsplash

If there’s one social media platform you should pay attention to, it’s Instagram.

With over 1 billion users on the platform and 700 million-plus active monthly users, the service has changed the way creatives connect and engage with their audiences. While Facebook is typically the most used social networking platform in Germany, Instagram has become the ultimate brand-building tool for creatives — both in the U.S. and globally.

Here are nine effective tips to help you build an authentic brand on Instagram:

1.  Use a business account. - 

If you are creative, definitely consider creating a business account. Having one will not only allow you to access analytics directly from the platform, but also gain valuable insights about impressions, reach, engagement rate and follower information. Moreover, business accounts are great for gaining visibility, particularly if you’re looking to create sponsored ads. And if you already have a business page on Facebook, you can easily connect it with your Instagram to make a business profile.

2. Gather insights from Instagram Analytics. - 

According to Social Insider, “analytics are powerful because they can tell you when and how often people are interacting with your posts, viewing your profile, and many other key factors.” Instagram Insights is an in-app tool that provides analytics on activity (interactions and discovery) and audience demographics. Use these key insights to shape your content strategy, from identifying target audiences to increasing engagement.

3. Write an attention-grabbing bio. -

Having a memorable bio will go a long way. Format it however you want, but there are four specific things that you should always mention: your name, what you do, your location and your website link. This is your first opportunity to show potential followers who you are and what your brand is, so get creative. And don’t forget to have fun with it!

4. Establish an identity for your brand. - 

Here’s a big question: What do you want to be known for? Compared to other social platforms, Instagram is centered on visual storytelling, and in this respect, it is the perfect place for all creatives to let people know what they’re all about. Establish a distinct, cohesive visual identity to guide your aesthetic, and don’t be afraid to experiment or try new things.

5. Apps, apps, apps! - 

There are plenty of tools that you can use to create and plan your content, but here are a couple convenient tools that will help enhance your Instagram aesthetic:


  • VSCO - On top of being a great photo editing service, VSCO is also great place to find inspiration outside of Instagram. If you aren’t Lightroom-savvy, VSCO will allow you to easily choose from plenty of presets on its simple user interface.
  • UNUM - An all-in-one Instagram tool, UNUM assists users with visual planning, scheduling and analytics. While there are a variety of features you can take advantage of, the app is particularly useful for planning and creating the perfect feed.

  • Unfold & OVER - Unfold and OVER are two popular collage apps. You can use these to craft visually engaging Instagram Stories, posts and more.

6. Post regularly and utilize all of Instagram’s media capabilities.

Due to Instagram’s algorithm, it is very important to post at the right time for more engagement. You don’t need to make multiple posts in one day, but make sure to keep your followers updated. Take advantage of every form of media available on the platform, particularly Instagram Stories and videos, to keep audiences engaged on all fronts.

7. Engage with followers and connect with others.

Connecting with followers is the ultimate way to grow your Instagram. That means regularly responding to comments, liking posts and tagging other users are essential. In addition, don’t be afraid to connect with other users! Instagram is a global community — this is an excellent opportunity for you to establish networks and connections with other creatives no matter where you are.

8. Careful with the hashtags. - 

While hashtags are very beneficial for expanding reach, do not abuse them. Choose maximum five hashtags that are relevant to each post, and feel free to create a unique one for your brand!

9. Grow your brand organically! - 

Keep in mind that every user starts with zero followers. What’s most important, however, is that you continue building your presence organically. Never buy followers or likes — it’s extremely important as a creative that your social media profile is credible. As long as you continue posting and engaging, you will be able to build an authentic identity on Instagram.

For inspiration, check out these Instagram accounts!


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