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Coach & Consultant
Hollywood Hills
  • The WOMEN'S HUB is a platform that lets women grow in the strong backing of the group - both professionally and personally. We want to realize and develop ourselves. Here we share our ideas, meet and go our own way. We support and inspire each other and believe in the community and the power of women - women's empowerment. We meet at WOMEN'S HUB DAY, where our business ideas and visions get a stage and are mirrored and discussed by everyone.

    WOMEN'S HUB DAYs are taking place in more and more cities, currently in Munich, Hamburg and Rosenheim. Around the events, there are various ways to individually experience the WOMEN'S HUB spirit, community and development. The encounters take place offline as well as online. Let us bring together our minds, hearts, thoughts, ideas and talents! We want to look together over the edges of the plate, rumble around, ask the right questions, live and combine our talents - Connect, Learn, Grow!