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How to use C2C
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  • What is C2C?
    Creative to Creative
    , short C2C, is the new professional online space for the German creative community in LA, where creatives can exchange ideas, collaborate and get inspired. 

  • Discover + Connect
    C2C allows you to create a profile in form of a creative portfolio. Once you've created a profile you can start filling it with your projects and show off your amazing work in a few simple steps

  • 1. Create your project tile by choosing a title, category and image for your project. This is what other creatives will see on the latest feed. 

  • 2. Once your project tile is created you can dive into your project and filling it with more information: visuals, videos, audio and text. How you want to design your project is completely up to you. Change the order and elements as you wish, just be creative :) You can also link out to give further insights into your work.


  • Jobs - Search and Offer
    Don't be shy and make use of the C2C job board to actively offer your services or look for companies, who are currently hiring talents. 

  • There's more
    C2C features inspirational stories of creatives, who share their insights about hurdles, experiences and advice as well a curated selection of events. Creatives who are just in the process of figuring things out can find the most frequent questions on the FAQ site.

  • Got questions? 
    Send us an email at

    We are happy to hear from you!